Six Month Exhibition at The Sultan of Lancaster during 2003

Piers Bishop

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Green Flow
In The Pink
Scaled Yellow Cave
A close up view of a tradional subject in British Art, namely landscape. Red Cave by Piers Bishop
Water is the inspiration for British Artist Piers Bishop in this abstract art work called Dawn Flow. British Artist Piers Bishop has created this fantasy landscape called Teeth of The Rainbow Wired - abstract art by British artist Piers Bishop
Quite a few of the pieces of art in this collection of abstract images embody my interest in texture. As the titles suggest rocks inspired Read Cave and Yellow Cave, while Dawn Flow owes much to movement and water.
Morecambe based artist Piers Bishop lives close to the beach. Morecame is a late Victorian seaside town in the North west of England next door to the citty of Lancaster. Piers is a member of the Quicksand Arts Group.