Landscape Art of a mystical spiritual nature created by Morecambe Artist

Piers Bishop

Click on the pictures below for larger images and details of each landscape
Bronze Forest - mystical landscape art by English artist Piers Bishop
Bronze Temple - landscape art with a spiritual influence by Morecambe artist Piers Bishop

Bronze World, Contemporary English Landscape Art: -

Though not made by traditional painting methods, the work found in the Bronze World series falls very much into the English tradition of landscape. I am creating this collection of landscape images to explore some mystical and spiritual elements that seem hard to find in our modern world. If you have any comments to make about the art I make please feel free to place an entry in my guest book or email me.

English Artist Piers Bishop lives in the North West near Lancaster, Lancashire. His home and studio is a few hundred yards from the beach at Morecambe Bay. Piers is a member of the Morecambe based Quicksand Arts Group